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Minebea Intec software download

General instructions:

To download, create an empty directory on your PC, (e.g. "My Files\Download") then

  • select product to download
  • click with the right mouse-button on the disk/rom symbols or the underlined file name
  • select "Save-As" and choose the directory you just created
Select product
Filename conventions:
is a archive.
Must be extracted by the user. Includes a setup.exe and a manual.

somename Archive.exe
is a selfextracting archive.
On opening it you will be asked for a directory name and all files of the archive will be extracted to the given directory.

somename Setup.exe
is an installation program.
On opening it the selected software will be installed on your PC.

somename Update.exe
is an update program.
On opening it the selected software on your PC will be updated to the new version.
NOTE: You must have a matching version installed on your PC prior the update.

is a plain hex-file.
This file can be programmed into a device using => FlashIt!32.

somename [Customizing Kit] Archive.exe
is a selfextracting archive.
The kits contains all files needed to translate an application to another language or to add print labels.

NOTE: To customize an application you need:

  • The Customizing kit (available on X5-Applications)
  • The correct => Firmware for X5
  • => FlashIt!32 to load the customized application and updated firmware into the device
  • (Optional) => TranslateIt! to translate the application into another language
  • (Optional) NiceLabelExpress + NiceLabelUpdater to generate print labels.

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