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PC Tools

Utilities to be used on a PC
  • => FlashIt32 program devices with new or updated firmware and/or application

  • => IndicatorBrowser a tool to look up indicator devices in the local network.

  • Tera Term is an open source free software terminal emulator, which can be used as replacement for the obsolete TERMINAL.EXE from older Windows versions. Tera Term can be downloaded at (external link)



AccessIt! 2.0 can be used to access the internal databases of Maxxis devices on a PC.

AccessIt!-2.0 2.0/

  • Changed: Minebea Intec GmbH

File Size
AccessIt!-2.0 Setup.exeAccessIt!-2.0 Setup.exe
(Setup program)
30.573.184 bytes

see archive for older versions



FlashIt!32 is required for updating firmware and/or updating/merging applications into Maxxis 4, Maxxis5, CombicsPro, PR5220, PR5230, X3, X4, X5, X6, PR1713 and PR1730.

FlashIt!32 02.74.00

  • Fix : Flash of Lables only in Maxxis not possible

  • Fix : Merge of Lables only for Maxxis not possible

  • New : FlashIt!.exe is now signed.

  • Change : Setup changed for Minebea Intec

  • Fix : Authentication for pr5220

  • Fix : Added more files to include in Maxxis image file

File Size
FlashIt!32 02.74.00 Setup.exeFlashIt!32 02.74.00 Setup.exe
(Setup program)

see FlashIt!32 History.txt for list of changes

623.024 bytes

see archive for older versions



IndicatorBrowser is a tool to look up indicator devices connected to the local network.

IndicatorBrowser 01.60.00

  • new : Button VNC (enabled, if a "vncviewer.exe" can be found in the directory or in path)

  • new : EXE now signed with Minebea Intec Certificate

File Size
IndicatorBrowser 01.60.00.exe

see IndicatorBrowser History.txt for list of changes

264.376 bytes

see archive for older versions



PR5210-Win-Configurator is used to configure a PR5210 via serial port and PR5211 via USB.

PR5210-Win-Configurator 6.01.0000

  • Changed: Minebea Intec GmbH

File Size
PR5210-Win-Configurator 6.01.0000 Setup.exePR5210-Win-Configurator 6.01.0000 Setup.exe
(Setup program)

see PR5210-Win-Configurator History.txt for list of changes

12.637.645 bytes

see archive for older versions



The dongle maintenance tools can be used to upgrade the PR1750/NT dongle to a PR1750/50 dongle or to add licenses to ProBatch+.

Please contact your local sales for details.

DongleMaintenanceTool 01.00.00

File Size
DongleMaintenanceTool 01.00.00 Setup.exeDongleMaintenanceTool 01.00.00 Setup.exe
(Setup program)
475.997 bytes


File Size

see pr1791v8100.txt for details

1.056.061 bytes

Technical Reference

A set of HTML-Documents including tips, tricks, answers and short references...

Extract archive to an empty directory and use index.html as start document.

File Size
412.261 bytes
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